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** ADD! Additional Items to any Package !!!

Tantrum Time
5 minutes of breakable fun $10.00
10 Smash Points

I Had a Bad Day
10 minutes of breakable fun $15.00
15 Smash Points

10 minutes of breakable fun $20.00
25 Smash Points

15 minutes of breakable fun $30.00
30 Smash Points

I Wanna Be a Psycho Lunatic
20 minutes of breakable fun $40.00
35 Smash Points

Lets Be Friends (2 People)
30 minutes of breakable fun $50.00
50 Smash Points

Date Night (2 People)
30 minutes of breakable fun $50.00
50 Smash Points

$5.00 - 5 Additional Minutes
$5.00 - 5 Additional Smash Points

*NO*  Walk-INs Reservations By Appointment Only
You may call us for same day appointments subject to open times.


Indianapolis Alternative Anger Room Management Program
Indianapolis Smash Room Rage Room Smach House Anger Room Indianapolis Alternative Stress Relief - Anger Room Mangement - Need to get your anger out Come to Wreck-A-Room and destroy our rooms with a variety of stress tools.

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