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  Acceptable Not Acceptable
Masks We recommend it and no because of covid We recommend it and no because of covid
Pants/Jeans Pants (Jeans,  Dickies, ) Skirts, Jean Skirts, Dresses, Leggings, pants with holes bigger then your thumb, ripped pants, spandex, sweat pants, shorts, daisy dukes,

If we can see your front, top 1/2, butt, or knee caps then don't wear it

Shoes Shoes (Sneakers, Boots) Flip-flops, crocks, shoes with holes, and slip on shoes
Shirts/Jackets Long Sleeve Shirt Short Sleeve shirt
Glasses Required to buy from us

Or bring in your owe BUT!!!!!!!!
If they are not in a sealed package you will have to buy a pair.

If you tell us I just opened it, or I left the wrapper in the car, sorry you will have to buy a paid from us, so DO NOT open the wrapper until you show it to us and we verify its ok. The packaging MUST SAY "ANSI Z87.1 +" The "+" is very important.

We sell them for $5.00/Pair Cash Only Onsite you keep
Can not be regular glasses.
Unless they have an ANSI Rating

Not ANSI Rated
Gloves Any

We sell them for $5.00/Pair Cash Only Onsite you keep
No Gloves or gloves with holes
they are your hand protect them.

Rubber gloves, dish gloves (fail)
Ear Plugs Its your ears your choice, we sell them for $1.00/cash onsite Its your ears your choice

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Serving: Indianapolis, Brownsburg, Greenwood, Fishers, Westfield, Franklin. From our Indianapolis Location
Indianapolis Alternative Anger Room Management Program
Indianapolis Smash Room Rage Room Smach House Anger Room Indianapolis Alternative Stress Relief - Anger Room Mangement - Need to get your anger out Come to Wreck-A-Room and destroy our rooms with a variety of stress tools.

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