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  Acceptable Not Acceptable
Pants/Jeans Pants (Jeans,  Dickies, ) Skirts, Jean Skirts, Dresses, Leggings, pants with holes bigger then your thumb, ripped pants, spandex, sweat pants, shorts, daisy dukes,

If we can see your front, top 1/2, butt, or knee caps then don't wear it

Shoes Shoes (Sneakers, Boots) Flip-flops, crocks, shoes with holes, and slip on shoes
Shirts/Jackets Long Sleeve Shirt Short Sleeve shirt
Glasses Required to buy from us

Or bring in your owe BUT!!!!!!!!

If you tell us I just opened it, or I left the wrapper in the car, sorry you will have to buy a paid from us, so DO NOT open the wrapper until you show it to us and we verify its ok. The packaging MUST SAY "ANSI Z87.1 "
Can not be regular glasses.
Unless they have an ANSI Rating

Not ANSI Rated
Gloves Any

We sell them for $5.00/Pair Cash Only Onsite you keep
No Gloves or gloves with holes
they are your hand protect them.

Rubber gloves, dish gloves (fail)

The Wreck-A-Room Team




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