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  • Q. Can I sign someone else's waiver or fill out their reservation?
    A. NO!, Why liability issue, Example: Mary & Sally came in for a Wreck-A-Room, Mary filled out the reservation and Waiver, and signed Sally's name to it, on their Wreck-A-Room time Sally gets hurt, and says she never signed a waiver, and our system shows she did, come to find out Mary signed for Sally, Mary is now the responsible person for forging the reservation & waiver. If we catch you, you forfeit your appointment or pay for new waivers and IDs

  • #1 Q. Where is my waiver or I lost the email to my waiver?
    Waivers are sent once your smash is approved, it is your responsibility to complete them no less then 24-hours before your appointment. Due the increase cost of printer ink, we charge for paper copies, as we provide paperless ways to submit it.

  • #2 Q. Can I sign on the day of my event?
    A. Yes $5.00 per waiver and $5.00 ID cash only, sorry ink and paper went up 250% - 300% in the last years.

  • #3 Q. Were do you get all of your items?
    A. Everywhere.

  • #4 Q. How long in advance should I make a reservation?
    A. We book very quickly, late evenings have the most open slots, but about a week out is average for 1-2 people.

  • #5 Q. Can we bring things from our house to our appointment?
    A. Yes you can, exceptions to this are light bulbs (non LED), and liquids

  • #6 Q. Do you take donations?
    A. Yes you can bring in any Wreck-able items to us i.e. (Glassware, TV's, VHS tapes, Just about anything that will smash) we change $40.00 per pickup in Marion Co. see the Donations area.

  • #7 Q. How many people can do in the room at a time?
    A. We prefer one (1) person at a time Max (2), but you can have others watch and swap out (Tag Team Style). We don't want anyone getting injured.

  • #8 Q. I have more then 8 people in my group?
    A. Contact us this is not an issue, large groups over 8+ people we may require a 50% deposit.

  • #9 Q. *NO*  Walk-INs Reservations By Appointment Only (NOT SAME DAY).
    A. Please make a reservation.

  • #10 Q. I have an expired Groupon or Promo Code.
    A. Depending on the age & type of the code we will still honor it please use our contact us page and give us the full details. (As of 2022.07.01 we no longer accept Groupons)

  • #11 Q. I am wanting to do a same day appointment how can I do this?
    A. Please go to our contact us page and send us an e-mail. We will do our best to fit you in but we may not always be able to.

  • #12 Q. How old do you have to be to Wreck-A-Room?
    A. Please Read This

  • #13 Q. What are smash points?
    A. Every items is given a point value
    Beer bottle, VHS tapes, glassware, plates, are all 1-2 points.
    Printers, small electronics 5-15 points
    TV, DVD, VCR could be 15-30 points
    LCD Flat screen, Computer 30-40 points
    LCD 60 inch flat screen is be 50-100 points
    Full Cars/trucks 600-1000 points
    So larger the item larger the point value. Wreck-A-Room sets the point value for items.
    In general 1 point =  $1.00 paid, you can buy more points also there is no limit on points your can buy.

  • #14 Q. On the waiver it keeps telling me to print my name. (Error 683)
    A. Correct, we are having issues with people not reading the waivers, this means you need to read the waiver, there is a safe guard in place to ensure you "read" the waiver and don't just click "I Agee" to everything, so please read the waiver, and no we can not tell you so READ the waiver.

  • #15 Q. I Don't want to show you my ID.
    A. Well your Wreck-A-Room will be rescheduled until you can, we require PROOF of age and matching name on the reservation. (WE CAN NOT ACCEPT MILITARY ID's sorry go complain to Uncle Sam.) Why because, you cant send them. So no ID no entry.

  • #16 Q. I am getting an error.
    A. Error: 699: this means your waiver does not match the email provided to us, try again, make sure your email is all lowercase, or contact the person who made the reservation for help, if all else fails, then chat with us online.

  • #17 Q. Can I place the reservation over the phone or chat?
    A. Sorry all reservations MUST BE done via our website, this is how the waivers and billing is generated.

  • #18 Q. I don't want to put my credit card in online or I want to pay in cash?
    A. Then you will need to come to our location, pre-pay for your Wreck-A-Room, sorry can not pay at time of.

  • #19 Q. I want this as a surprise or I don't want to give my e-mail.
    A. Once you hit submit on the reservation it will send out multi e-mails, so if you want it to be a surprise then you will need to contact us and pre-pay for the event in our office. An e-mail is REQUIRED! this is how we generate waivers.
    So email us when you can come in and pre-pay. Follow the rules of this FAQ #1 don't put 2 emails that belong to you to bypass our system. Once you pre-pay for the smash room we till give you a code to bypass the credit card check online the day of your smash.

  • #20 Q. I have an Iphone and I cant sign the waiver.
    A. Apple has done some sort of update with their software you CAN NOT click the link in waiver you have to copy & paste it into a browser this is the ONLY! way it will work. You have to adjust your browser settings to allow.

  • #21 Q. I am pregnant can I do this.
    A. If you are knocked up, prego, pregnant, got one in the oven, or what ever you want to call it the answer is NO!. You lie about it its on you we catch you lying you forfeit your smash.

  • #22 Q. What IDs are accepted?
    ID must be state issued, no student IDs, no passports, nor ID that is non US

  • #23 Q. My time I wanted is not longer available.
    A. Well.... we work on a FCFS (First Come First Serve) basis. So many people say they will show and don't so at this time we DO NOT and WILL NOT ever hold a slot for ANYONE at ANYTIME. If we tell you to fill out a reservation form and submit something then you need to do it with in minutes of us telling you because if someone else reserves before you even by 1minute they will get the reservation not you.

  • #24 Q. I have a Groupon can I pay extra to upgrade.
    A. As Groupons have almost none to little value the answer is no, a Groupons value to us is about $2.00 so if you get a $50.00 package, you will owe $48.00, so on our end there is no point in dealing with upgrades to Groupons.

  • #25 Q. I have a Groupon can I pay extra to do it other then a Tuesday.
    A. No, Tuesdays only if you don't want a Tuesday then you will need to get a NON Groupon package.

  • #26 Q. What are yor policies and/or TOS (Terms Of Service).
    A. Privacy and Usage Policy and Terms Of Service please note these are the same policies you must agree to before you submit a reservation form.

  • #27 Q. I just want to watch my friend do it.
    A. Sure but you have to have a signed waiver and also a package to enter the building.

  • #28 Q. I am getting error 1906.x
    A. You must type your name in all spots of the waiver, it must match 100% exact and is CaSe sensitive.

  • #29 Q. I want a refund
    Sorry we DO NOT do refunds, as before you make the reservation you said you have fully read our Privacy and Usage Policy and Terms Of Service before you paid or you where told no refunds. In a nutshell if you get scared, cancel, back out, change your mind, don't like the building, can't find us (see map), have a bad hair day, and/or just don't show up; and/or if you don't show up to your appointment you will still owe the full amount due (yes you authorize us to run it on your credit card) and forfeit your non-Refundable/Refundable deposit; so just show UP! and have FUN!

  • #30 Q. I want to watch
    A. YOU MUST HAVE a package, waiver, and be on the reservation.



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