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  • Q. How old do you have to be to Wreck-A-Room?
    A. 13 with parents permission, or 18 to be bash crap

  • Q. Were do you get all of your items?
    A. Everywhere.

  • Q. How long in advance should I make a reservation?
    A. We book very quickly, late evenings have the most open slots, but about a week out is average.

  • Q. Can we bring things from our house to smash?
    A. Yes you can, exceptions to this are light bulbs, and liquids

  • Q. Do you take donations?
    A. Yes you can bring in any smashable items to us i.e. (glassware, tvs, VHS tapes)

  • Q. How many people can do in the room at a time?
    A. We prefer (1) person at a time, but you can have others watch and swap out. We don't want anyone getting with
         a bat or other item (s)

  • Q. *NO*  Walk-INs Reservations By Appointment Only, You may call us for same day appointments subject to open times.
    A. Please make a reservation.

  • Q.

Indianapolis Alternative Anger Room Management Program
Indianapolis Smash Room Rage Room Smach House Anger Room Indianapolis Alternative Stress Relief - Anger Room Mangement - Need to get your anger out Come to Wreck-A-Room and destroy our rooms with a variety of stress tools.

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