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Re-Waiver / Change Order

If you are reading this page them means either your looking around, or you entered an e-mail that is no longer in use, registered to a minor (after we told you to leave it blank), already registered to someone else, you type the email incorrectly, or used a fake e-mail to bypass our system, or used forged emails or names and we caught you!.....
anyway you look at it is your error not ours.

We tell you on the reservation page:
Each Persons E-Mail **MUST BE** Different and belong to that person.
Make sure you have access to the mail accounts spam/junk folder you are using you will need it.
PLEASE VERIFY!!!! Your information, TAKE YOUR TIME! filling this out
You are responsible for the information! and that information is correct.

Or, if your adding or modifying your reservation outside of a normal request.

We change $10.00, to redo your reservation and/or fix your errors that should have been avoided.
The $10.00 is at our discretion, the more of an ass you are the more likely we are goanna charge you the $10.00

Please fill out the form below of that you did wrong in your reservation, so we may fix your error.
Please allow 30-60min for us to verify and process the new info.


Name (First, Middle, Last)
Phone (Required)
E-Mail Address (Required)
What is the error in
the reservation you did?

Please tell us the error (s)
in your reservation.

Please allow15-30min for our system to make the changes

Any errors after 5:00PM will be read the next day.

The Wreck-A-Room Team



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