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If you have a Groupon you will need to fill out a Groupon Reservation Form with us. DO NOT fill out a regular reservation form this will bill your card and we will NOT credit it back.


Packages can NOT be shared, each person must have a package & Groupon number.

Please do not use the same Groupon code more then once it will VOID the reservation.

Groupons will only be hosted on Tuesdays ONLY!

A lot of people are asking why are Groupons on a Tuesdays, "it does not say that on their site".... On Groupons page under "The Fine Print" it gives you a link to this page before you even buy the Groupon. So back to the question at hand, why on Tuesday? 2 major reasons....

  1. Is cost we charge $20.00 for the package that Groupon sells for $10.00 if Groupon promo's it as low as $5.00 this means our profit is $2.50 or less for a $20.00 package, we as a company are loosing $17.50 or more PER Groupon because Groupon will promo our Groupon with out our consent.
  2. Per Groupons policy we can not run the Groupon until you show, this means if we run it before you show, and you don't show then we have to refund Groupon. So its Saturday night, and 5pm, 6pm, 7pm are all Groupons and no one shows in our prime time slots we have lost that income, because other people wanted those slots that we turned away.

So at this time we are only doing Groupons on Tuesdays, we are sorry we will look into changing this in the future, but now we will only host Groupons on Tuesdays.

Thank you,

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