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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Response

  1. All visitors are required to wear Jeans, Long Sleeve Shirt, and Sneakers No Exceptions.
  2. No one else other then your party is allowed in the building at any given time.
    (this has always been a rule just 100% enforcing it)
  3. No more then two (2) persons at a time allowed in the building at any time.
    Larger parties will have to wait outside.
  4. All paperwork, waivers, will be done electronically no person to person contact.
  5. If you have a bleach or any other cleaner allergy please tell us in your reservation.
  6. We are sorry to announce stage 5 of Indiana reopens is not going to happen on 2020.07.04.
     Beginning July 9, face coverings will be required to be worn in indoor places where the public gathers, such as in office buildings and retail stores. They’ll also be required outdoors when it’s not possible to socially distance. Hogsett said the order won’t go into effect until July 9 to give residents time to get masks, but officials recommend residents who aren’t already wearing them start now.
     We are implementing this as of 2020.07.03 8:00AM, all person (s) entering our building are required to wear a face mask. we will have this as a requirement until we fell that WE will lift this.
  7.  If someone else is here please wait until they leave

At Wreck-A-Room, our hearts go out to everyone affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19). Our priorities during this difficult time are keeping our employees safe and healthy and continuing to provide you with the highest level of service.

The Wreck-A-Room and customer service are open and operating as usual with no interruptions in service.

To safeguard employee health and visitors; we’ve increased janitorial services and implemented new procedures to ensure our facilities are as clean and safe as possible.

We hope you and your families stay healthy, and we appreciate your support in keeping our global community safe during these unprecedented times. If anything changes in our service we will send an update as necessary.

The Wreck-A-Room Team





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